Private  Lessons


Below is a listing of our most frequently requested music education services.  Any one of these services is appropriate for the beginner, intermediate or advanced harpist.

  Music  Education

  • 30- Minute Beginner Lessons

  • 45-Minute Beginner-Intermediate Lesson

  • 60-Minute Intermediate-Advanced Lesson

  • 90 Minute Recital Lesson

  • Fifteen 10-minute intensive lessons

  • One 15-minute ensemble lesson

  • One 15-minute mini-concert

  • Written follow-up for each intensive student

  • 2-Hour small group interaction with the harp

  • Detailed explanation of harp construction and sound production

  • Question and Answer Period

  • "Song Request List" provided to all participants

  • 15-minute mini-concert


  • 3-Hour Workshop on Harp Instruction and/or Harp Performance Issues

  • Interactive, facilitated PowerPoint presentation format

  • Handouts and booklets for all attendees

  • Workshop evaluation data provided to Music Staff Supervisor and Team Lead(s)

 Introduction  To  The Harp

  Music  Staff  Development

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